Simple and secure access to internal web apps

Simple and secure access to internal web apps...

Description provides a secure, reliable and user friendly way to access internal webapps without use of VPN, even if apps are running on machines that are behinda NAT or firewall.

Technology establishes a secure proxy between public internet and your internal app.Your application does not need to be exposed to the internet directly andtherefore may reside on any machine behind firewall or NAT. A lightweightdaemon runs alongside your internal application and establishes a secureconnection to the provides both authentication and authorization that secure your internalweb apps. You may define specific list of emails that would be allowed an accessto each application. Users would be required to authenticate using either theirGoogle, Office365 accounts or by following a secure link sent to their email.You may either self-host it or use a managed service for a small fee.End-users do not need to install any client side software, while for the VPN theyhave to install a VPN client on every device they want to use to access your app.Setting up a tunnel does not require any root or administrator privileges or anyadditional set up, and is super easy with web based admin supports applications running on Linux (x64 and ARM), MacOS,Windows and inside containerized environments such as Docker, DockerCompose, Kubernetes and others.



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