DoxyChain DoxyChain - We secure your documents, you save your time


DoxyChain - We secure your documents, you save your time...

DoxyChain is a next-generation platform for documents digitisation and management. Powered by its own blockchain, DoxyChain is an innovation that combines electronic signature, workflows optimisation and enhanced security which means we are the very first user-oriented secure digital solution. 

With DoxyChain you can collaborate on, negotiate, track the progress, e-sign and store your documents online. A dedicated hybrid blockchain ensures they are immutable, authentic and ageless.

DoxyChain is building a new standard for document management and workflow optimisation in Europe by democratizing blockchain for its users. 

DoxyChain is a decentralized solution with microservice architecture backed by blockchain technology. It’s a tailored permissioned blockchain created by the DoxyChain team. DoxyChain uses Proof of Authority consensus, which is executed by all the allied institutions. DoxyChain blockchain is not only an immutable database but the place where business and legal requirements are kept and executed. That's why we manifest that we are the most secure and transparent platform for your documents.

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