AIBRO Create your personal chatbot that can talk on your behalf in messengers!


Create your personal chatbot that can talk on your behalf in messengers! ...


AIBRO chatbot which communicates through Facebook Messenger on your behalf.

What is AIBRO intended for?

If you have hundreds, or even thousands of contacts, most of the conversations are just time consumers:
Somebody will ask you for advice: the same as a 100 other people did before.
- Somebody will ask "How do you do": while you can hardly remember who this person is.
- Somebody will send you yet another invitation: a spammy one to a group or event.
Somebody will just dump their bad mood on you: and spoil yours.

    What if you could not reply to all unnecessary inquiries yet stay polite? What if you could delegate a part of the communication to somebody or something smart enough?

     is an AI-based personalized interactive model. That means that it's a piece of interactive software — a chatbot — that can maintain simultaneous personalized communication with different people using its AI capabilities. Simply put, it can speak with your social network contacts on your behalf.

    AIBRO chatbot aims to transform the way we communicate on messaging platforms.  It learns the way a user responds on social networks and provides personalized replies to the selected conversations utilizing artificial intelligence and deep learning technology. It can easily handle routine conversations that don’t require human interaction and save time answering typical questions and inquiries. Moreover, AIBRO works as an autoresponder when you're out or on vacation.


    What technologies does AIBRO use?

      AIBRO is based on the two major technology sets: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

      The core is very similar to chatbot engines that apply Natural Language Processing, User Intent Detection, and Language Style Transfer. It uses both classic ML and rules based on NLP and modern deep learning-based algorithms for generating text and analyzing it.

      How does the bot learn?

      Like any other intelligent creature in the world, whether artificial or natural, AIBRO needs training

      At the very beginning, it's just a clean slate — a set of smart algorithms ready to learn. The final result is, of course, up to you, and your training.

      Any AI's "thinking food" is data, and the same goes for AIBRO. In this case, the data is your previous conversations with other people.

      Choose the conversations to "feed" the bot. It anonymizes the data, encodes it onto a numerical form, and uploads it to the neural network. And there you go! The bot is ready to communicate with people using the words, expressions, and linguistic models taken from the uploaded conversations: both your and your conversation partner's lines are analyzed.

      It doesn't just respond to keywords, but also finds the logical connections, and predict people's reactions. Thus, it might give different answers to different people in similar situations for a better result, just like you would. That's the main point of the bot: it learns to imitate your behavior in online conversations.

      How does AIBRO work?

      1. Install the app on your Apple or Android mobile device

      2. Login through the messenger app. Currently, AIBRO only supports Facebook Messenger, but soon it will work with all the popular one

      3. Start the teaching process. Choose the conversations to teach the bot. Here you can choose different modes — for friends, work, general communication, etc. — and the different appropriate conversations

      4. Set up the system — time, conversations to process, trigger words, etc. — and launch the bot




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