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Share your experiences and memories as comic strip stories...

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Each day, we experience remarkable events, in our working lives, our travel adventures, watching our children grow, or documenting our pets getting into all kinds of mischief. The moments we want to remember are unpredictable and delightful. We don’t merely experience these moments, but aim to share them with our friends, family, and even the world, through technology and social media.

Comixon was designed to take this experience in a new direction. Through Comixon, your stories will come alive, taking on the character and mood of a captivating comic strip experience.

As the developers of Comixon, our goal is to make the creative process both easier and more enjoyable, putting vast potential into the hands of our users. The application is built around several very simple tools, through which all users of different creative skill levels will be able to transform their photos into fascinating graphic memories. Comixon is envisioned as a convenient and intuitive tool to help channel your creative talents and imaginative ideas.



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