Hotels By Day Book hotel rooms just for the day

Hotels By Day

Book hotel rooms just for the day...

Startup from United States of America
Description provides morning, mid-day and afternoon stays.

City break. Early morning check-in. Layover cure. A hotel by day without paying for the night stay.

Take the red-eye. Rest after that five-star meal. Prep for your keynote address. No matter where you go and what you do, you’ll always have room to rest, refuel, and recharge with HotelsByDay.
Ever wish you could indulge in a hotel hours before check-in, or long after check-out? Now you can with HotelsByDay, the only mobile provider of intra-day hotel spaces. Priced at a discount from a typical overnight stay, rooms booked on HotelsByDay give you flexibility, comfort, and a space of your own—by day.
Hotels post their unused day space here; you browse the offerings, and book a room. Then, you check in as usual—and use the space to nap after a redeye, prepare for an event, host meetings, or simply relax. Elegant and convenient, HotelsByDay allows you to focus on having a beautiful time.






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