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The fashion search engine personalised to your style...

Personalised Product Discovery
Our proprietary technology enables users to shop across over 300,000 fashion lines in one place and only see the products that are currently in stock in their size from their favourite brands. This means a fan of Levi's will see all available Levi's jeans from a range of stores in their size, without having to search multiple websites and convert different size formats (e.g. US vs UK vs EU).

Bespoke Daily Style Edit
We also offer every user a personalised daily edit of the new fashion drops based on their style preferences and budget. If a user is waiting for the product to drop in price they can use our Sale Alert feature to receive an email notification as soon as it goes on sale.

Personalised Content Discovery
Our blog is also tailored to their style preferences, making it easy to discover the latest trends and style news that's relevant to them. Users can vote up/down each article, which is fed into our algorithm to improve the content suggestions they receive in future.

Our current web stack includes Laravel, HHVM, Redis and PHP 7. 

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