Heatbox The world first self-heating lunchbox



The world first self-heating lunchbox...

Netherlands (Holland, Europe)


Heatbox is the first self-heating lunch box to use steam innovation and smart technology. Heatbox inspires users to create delicious food on the go to help the world to create a healthy, and personal eating experience - anywhere, anytime.Our society is busier than it's ever been, and in turn our bodies are suffering. Eating warm, healthy and fresh meals has become more difficult and the lure of fast food can often win the hearts of those of us who are busy and uninspired. Now, consumers can feel confident that the meals they prepare can be steamed to perfection with a click of a button, or a swipe of their smartphone.


Heatbox is app-connected and controllable, through this app the user can follow recipes and track calorie intake, they can also connect to and start specific steaming programs. Through its innovative technology, Heatbox rechargeable system can heat 3 meals on a single charge. On top of Heatbox tackling everyday problems, its svelte design and modern appearance make it the ultimate finishing touch to your daily meal. 

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