Headlynr Startup Set to Transform the Wedding, Event and Party Industry.


Startup Set to Transform the Wedding, Event and Party Industry....

Headlynr is Australia's first wedding, event and party marketplace. Unlike the myriad of directories you can find scattered around the internet Headlynr helps users source, research, book and pay for a range of products and services in the wedding, event and party industries. Headlynr was founded in 2015 and launched in early 2016. Imagine spending hours online looking for entertainer for your child's birthday, emailing the two local ones you finally find and waiting a full week for a single response from a now closed business. It took this one depressing day to convince the founder of Headlynr that something had to be done, and an idea was born. Headlynr combines reviewed, trusted businesses with secure payments and straightforward booking. Help us make Headlynr the hub for all events big and small. At Headlynr [ headliner ] our purpose is to help you find great local entertainers, suppliers, food and locations for your next wedding,event or party. You can then hire book and pay in a flash. Don’t spend hours researching for your next event any more. Find your Headlynr today.

For those planning a wedding, party, or event in Australia, life just got much easier. A new type of marketplace, Headlynr(pronounced headliner) provides searchable listings for every type of wedding or party service imaginable and then provides a secure payment solution protecting both customer and vendor.


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