Harvest Platform Fight frivolous bank fees and get your money back


Harvest Platform

Fight frivolous bank fees and get your money back...

United States of America


Harvest Platform is a conflict-of-interest-free personal finance platform that helps consumers fight frivolous bank fee and credit card charges.  We also identify ways the user can save while maintaining their lifestyle, so that the path to financial discipline becomes practical.

Most consumers face tremendous information asymmetry against banks. Often, banks don't provide full information to consumers and when they do, it's buried in fine print. The result - hundreds of dollars in frivolous and preventable bank fees, that often the consumer finds out really late. We are fighting this practice by enabling the consumer with information on bank fees with highest probability of refunds.


Most users don't even know they can negotiate their fees back with banks. Our machine learning algorithm looks into a user's spending pattern and tallies them against bank fees to calculate probability of refunds. Since bank fee refunds are dependent on a user's "good standing", how long they have been doing business with the banks/credit cards and their transaction value, our algorithm takes those into account and highlights fees that have the highest probability of being negotiated.

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