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Startup from United Kingdom

Despite widespread fraud, recruiters are discouraged from verifying qualifications. 200,000 fake certificates are produced every year and 58% of people lie on their CVs. Yet, 1 in 4 UK firms avoid background checks because they are expensive and can take up to four weeks. Indeed, most universities still use manual processes when assessing authenticity of a degree claim. By avoiding these checks, recruiters run the risk of hiring the wrong candidate which can cost thousands of pounds and cause reputational damage.

To tackle these issues, Gradbase guarantees that anybody, anywhere can instantaneously verify your true qualifications stated on your CV. Issuers (e.g. universities) upload on the Bitcoin Blockchain their records (e.g. student diplomas) via Gradbase, and provide record holders with a QR code to access their records. This QR code can be included on CVs or LinkedIn profiles for employers to scan and instantly verify the authenticity of qualifications stated by job applicants.
We provide benefits to all stakeholders: universities avoid the administrative effort of replying to verification requests of employers, the employers themselves cut the background check from 4 weeks to 4 seconds, and can therefore perform checks a lot earlier in the recruitment process and for a lot cheaper, and finally honest candidates are able to be a lot more competitive on the job market.


Gradbase is creating the platform for verifying any qualification around the world. This platform positively transforms the ways of operating of universities, recruiters and candidates. We provide universities with the ultimate technology to prevent diploma fraud by enabling tamper-proof storage of qualifications, and allow them to financially profit from it. With a simple scan on a smartphone, we make verifications so easy and cheap for employers that they will now have the incentive to verify qualifications as soon as they receive an applicant’s CV. Employers will hence no longer be discovering fraudsters at the very last minute. Finally, we introduce a new form of competition among candidates, who must include QR codes on their CVs to prove each qualification they hold, in order to stay competitive in the job market.




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