GlobalizeIt Don't just localize it, GlobalizeIt!


Don't just localize it, GlobalizeIt!...

Startup from United States of America

GlobalizeIt is a cloud-based globalization platform for websites.  With GlobalizeIt, your website becomes editable.  Translators, editors and designers collaborate together to translate the text directly inline on the page and visually manipulate images and segments for target markets.    

Then the changes can be published live instantly.  It also handles dates, numbers, currency conversions, ongoing releases, and much more.  With GlobalizeIt you can go global in weeks - with no programmer involvement.  Check us out today!

In particular, we serve any company that would like to take advantage of the new 'agile globalization' revolution, in which websites and Saas products can be globalized in a fraction of the time, without any coding, but would like to retain all of the robust control, access, extensibility and scalabilty of the old  custom-coded approach.

With GlobalizeIt, your website or web application can scale to tens of megabytes of text with no performance consquence.  It can handle custom-programmed edge cases with no API call or performance consequence. 

It can manage emails, translate data-driven content, scale to millions of end users and much more, all while providing a platform in which a website can go live in dozens of languages in a matter of weeks, typically with no programmer involvement.





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