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Every year millions of people struggle to find great gifts. They browse the web from online shop to online shop hoping to find that special present for that special that one. Gifteehub wants to put an end to all this suffering. 

Gifteehub is your personal Gift assistant. You describe the recipient of the gift, gender, relation, hobbies and interests and Gifteehub finds great gift ideas across many different online shops and recommendations provided by users of the platform. The assistant also emails you new gift recommendations prior to the birthday, anniversary or other significant occasion

These recommendations are shaped by our users. They can like, discard or share the gift ideas they receive and based on those interactions we provide new ones. Users can also add new content themselves. Similar to the Pinterest button, we have developed Gifteehub's Chrome extension that allows you to easily publish gift ideas from any website directly into Gifteehub. This way you can save your favorite articles and products and recommend them to others who are looking for gift ideas.

These gift ideas submitted by users are part of regular competitions that we will be launching throughout the year. We are currently running our first one for Christmas with cash prizes for the winners



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