Fundy Raise Funds For Your Startup With Over 10K Investors


Raise Funds For Your Startup With Over 10K Investors ...

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Hey! We are glad to announce Fundy! ???? We give what young startups lack so much - opportunities. Opportunities to raise your first round. We also give access to a huge database of people who make decisions when investing in a young startup, so you can make your personal list of investors who are right for you. Fundy - The easiest way to access the best investors in the world. ???? We recently completed the alpha version of the project, so we will be glad if you inform us about service errors or incorrect work so that we can make the product better. Share this post with your friends if you think that our project makes the life of startups a little easier!
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We started collecting a list of investors when we ourselves needed them for our startup. A year ago, I was working on another project related to blockchain technology. When we focused on the first version of MVP, we began to look for a suitable investor for the development and growth of our project, however, the search process itself was very time-consuming. I reviewed a huge bunch of services and sites in search of an investor. All this time I wrote down each suitable candidate to my table in Excel. The list grew very fast, because we were surrounded by the right people for this. Today, our updated list includes more than 10,000+ investors.




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