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FUMO GALLERY was born out as online art gallery & design shop in order to offer a place and platform for artistic projects that are driven by passion and the non-conventional. All curated works are either carefully selected one offs or produced in very limited runs – each creation permeates the stories and souls of their creators.The starting point for FUMO GALLERY has always been the wish to give a voice to the stories behind an artistic production and a creative idea, whether it is created from brand new materials or from recycled, transformed and reanimated materials.These pieces often carry stories that are off the fringes and do not find a wider voice or platform other than through their own expressivity.From the onset, FUMO GALLERY discovered artists and independent brands starting through an initial exploration in the Italian province of Mantua.Progressively over time, the gallery’s perspective has expanded to the point of fully sharing creative experiences with the discovered artists and in some cases, following the same paths trodden by the artists through syntonic collaborations.Thus, FUMO GALLERY has evolved into a processor of ideas, a hotbed of culture where new productions and synergetic creations come into being.Recognising there is no limit to the imagination, FUMO GALLERY is always on the lookout for new artists and creative talent as we are very open to exploring new ways of understanding art and design.


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