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FreelanceLogoDesign is an online logo design service for small businesses and entrepreneurs that offers competitive price that won't break your bank. We offer a simple and straightforward model where you get a wide selection of custom logos from actual designers without having to wait for days. For as low as $50 (plus its modest listing fee), you can start a logo design contest that can give you the best logo for your business.

FreelanceLogoDesign accommodate various industries, including Media, Technology, Education, Legal, Real Estate, Restaurant, Religious, Medical and more. FreelanceLogoDesign was built to make the small business logo design process fast, fun, and affordable. So far, we’ve done a pretty good job according to our customers.

Others offer complicated pricing as well as confusing options to get the most out of you. That is where FreelanceLogoDesign keep things simple. You get to set your budget and get the best value for it. It's hassle free and no other hidden costs. It's a simple business model that everybody will admire. You post a design brief, our designers will then give you a collection of logo concepts, and you get to choose the best.

You can also browse to our Ready Made Logos and have them customized for free. You can ask request to have your brand name and tagline added, change the font or text color or add/remove elements.


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