Formula Stocks Invest with a historical 90% success rate


Formula Stocks

Invest with a historical 90% success rate...



Formula Stocks is a service, which gives you access to high quality stock recommendations. Use these in your own account. Or mirror our model portfolio, which have outperformed the S&P 500 88% of the time. 

Historically, 89-92% of all our recommendations have been successful. If you had bought random high-quality stocks, only approx. 59% of these would have earned a positive return. A staggering difference.

We specialize in high-probability investments – a high probability of long-term gain combined with a low probability of loss. We prefer to buy good businesses at fair prices with a margin of safety, shielding us from some downside, while enjoying the upside of owning businesses that earn a meaningful return on capital.

Our recommendations and model portfolio are based on timeless and proven investment principles, mathematical probabilities and sound logic. They are scientifically quantifiable, which means that every principle used can be proven to work using the scientific method.


We use cognitive computing to produce better decisionmaking. This includes machine learning to obtain a level of experience that it is quite impossible to obtain through regular career experience.

We humans usually learn through experience and mistakes. However, there is a limit to the amount of experience and mistakes we can make during a normal career which can potentially teach us durable lessons of general value. Our machine learning software is capable of experiencing millions and millions of events and decision outcomes in the same time as human beings can experience less than a hundred. This greatly accelerates experience, rationalization, learning, and knowledge.

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