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Fake Twitter Followers Checker Tool...

Followeraudit is an AI-Based self-learning Twitter tracking tool. The tool has various different features that make it the best.
You can identify fake, inactive, and spam followers within minutes using its check fake followers feature of your or any other public Twitter account. You will also get an option to remove these fake followers using followeraudit's dashboard.
The check fake followers feature also lets you compare Twitter audit reports of multiple accounts together.
Other amazing features are - track Twitter followers, get detailed followers analytics, and track Twitter unfollowers.
Track Twitter followers feature lets you see your followers growth percentage of one day, a week, or a month. This feature is helpful for you to identify what causes more gain or loss in the number of followers. (You can also check your competitor's followers growth rate)

Analyze Twitter followers will let you get detailed analytics of your followers like which follower has the most number of followers, which followers have a URL in their bios, how old your followers accounts are (since it's creation date), their last Tweet date, and much more!

Track Twitter unfollowers gives you real-time alerts whenever someone unfollows you. As we know Twitter doesn't let us know who our unfollowers are and it becomes hard to identify who unfollowed you. But, followeraudit got your back by having this feature.

An All in one tool. Definitely give it a try!

Followeraudit helps you find fake Twitter followers from your or any other public Twitter account. You can remove these fake followers from your account directly using our dashboard. Along with this you also get various other features in the paid version like - compare Twitter audit report of multiple users, get detailed analytics of Twitter followers, Track follower's growth rate, and get real-time alerts whenever someone unfollows you.
A great tool Twitter tool.

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