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World’s first unlimited SmartFlash...


You might think that you are looking at an ordinary flash drive, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Never before did users have a data storage device so simple and so safe at the same time. Through your personal Flashsafe, you get an access to a super-secure unlimited cloud storage. It’s very simple: you don’t need to sign up and enter your login/password, you don’t even need a web browser! Now you can store and share files of any size anonymously and safely. Flashsafe is a product with no match on the market.
You will no longer need to go through all this authorization procedure. Simply connect your Flashsafe to your computer and start working, playing, listening to music or watching films. We took great care and effort to make Flashsafe easy to use: each time hardware authorization chip creates new passwords that are impossible to break. Thus, not a second of your time is lost.


We take stored data security to a whole new level! Nobody will ever know what data you are keeping, because your files are not linked to your personal information on our servers. That means total anonymity. All data is encrypted using a 2048-bit key a technology similar to the one used for bank transactions but even better. It all happens on your computer, and even if someone lays hand on your data, they won’t be able to decipher it without a SmartFlash itself. You can use an additional pin-code that is impossible to track if you use a mouse to enter it. Losing your Flashsafe is like losing your bank card: the device is blocked while you get a new one and continue to use it. A "trusted computer" function lets you use your SmartFlash only on your devices.




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