Feral Horses A new art investment age is about to dawn.


Feral Horses

A new art investment age is about to dawn....

United Kingdom


We are a young startup about to launch in Spring 2017. What we do is simple: we are creating an online trading platform to acquire and sell shares of artworks for investment purposes. We aim at providing a very comprehensive service that brings both liquidity and transparency and facilitates access to the benefits of art in a responsible and sustainable way.
What really makes us special is that we rent the physical artworks. First of all, it generates “artistic dividends” for the owners of the artworks, based on the percentage they own. Second of all, the artworks will travel endlessly in Europe instead of being kept in dark storages away from the public.


Our art investment platform is built as a trading platform with a primary market to acquire shares for the first time and a secondary market to trade your shares with other users. 

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