Feedo.xyz Feedo is a simple tool to get feedbacks from your customers with just a link


Feedo is a simple tool to get feedbacks from your customers with just a link...


In a day when my friend and I had a small pizza delivery service, I always wanted to know what my customers thought about my pizza. Was it good or not? Were they satisfied with a delivery speed? Did they need anything else, like new flavors or new drinks? I wanted to know my customers' thoughts before they go to other web sites or apps to leave their feedback.

No worries if it was a good feedback, but what about it was not? How soon you can find out that some negative feedback is crushing your reputation? No, I didn't want to wait. So I built Feedo.

Small business owners who tried Feedo for the last two month told me that it gave them a good push for changes. One of them fired his administrator for rude talks with customers, other found out new products to sell based on buyers wishes, third increased her clients loyalty, fourth got back a lot of visitors with Feedo promo code system.

 I hope you'll like my first sole project. I'd love to hear your thoughts about Feedo.


The main purpose of Feedo is to let you to get feedbacks from customers as soon as possible. Feedo is a clear and easy tool. Nothing disturbs your customer from a quiz and your questions. No necessary logos or images, no long polls, no other buttons. 

 3 questions and a promo code for the next purchase. And if your customer happy and satisfied with your service, he or she will be shown links to your social networks or maps to leave a feedback there as well.



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