Feature Flux Design collaboration for growing product teams.

Feature Flux

Design collaboration for growing product teams....

Feature Flux makes it easy to create snapshots of the design process as it evolves. Lock finished designs and create one-click presentations that bring impactful feedback.

Feature Flux is a design collaboration tool for product teams. Getting meaningful feedback from stakeholders can be a chore, and getting it in one place is even more so! Feature Flux is your one source of design truth. Reference every decision made throughout the product design cycle and why thanks to built-in iteration tracking. Ensure your whole team is working on the latest designs and say goodbye to the dreaded question; “Is this the most recent version?”.   Who's the product for? Feature Flux is designed to help larger product teams collaborate during the design process. Getting stakeholder feedback and buy-in can be difficult at the best of times, but when they’re external or even non-technical it becomes a real challenge. Feature Flux makes it easy to share interactive designs in a more traditional-feeling presentation format. Get feedback where you need it and have the whole team on the same page.

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