Ernesto, servizi a casa presto!

Ernesto, servizi a casa presto!...

Ernesto is a marketplace that connects clients to local professionals. Today, Ernesto offers more than 500 services in different categories such as home, wellness, and events, with a particular focus on home services. Our goal is to meet the needs of two categories of users: on the one hand, users (clients) looking for professionals, on the other hand, local companies or independent professionals seeking new job opportunities. Ernesto offers professionals the opportunity to increase their customer base and their online visibility by providing a service at favorable conditions and costs. Furthermore, we provide our clients with a free and effective search tool that allows them to quickly receive several quotes from different qualified professionals in their area. In this way, Ernesto presents itself as an innovative solution to a demand and supply need. Ernesto is available on the Web platform and in an App version for iOS and Android.

Ernesto helps local companies, electricians, plumbers, painters and anyone offering home services, to expand their business. Ernesto is much more than an App, it allows customers to save time and money, strengthen local economies. Why is it still hard to find a plumber? Or a DJ? Or any other local professional? Today, thousands of busy parents, homeowners and expatriates can find the right professional to meet their needs. Moreover, Ernesto helps anyone offering home services, to grow their business online with very hot leads at a fair cost, they could not get anywhere else.In the pursuit of leads, small businesses are spending valuable hours and money on different forms of lead generation. Some are ok and some don’t work at all because they are too expensive and don’t offer immediately usable solutions. 

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