Elemeno API Based Content Management Platform


API Based Content Management Platform...


Elemeno is a content management platform that allows you to really easily define a content model, create and manage your content, and then deliver that content to any platform or device via our API. Elemeno is front-end agnostic which means developers are free to use their favorite languages, frameworks, and templating libraries.

Front-End Agnostic
Deliver your content to any platform using any framework or library. You’re not restricted by your CMS anymore.

Content API
All of your content is delivered by our robust RESTful API allowing you to fetch your content wherever and whenever you need it.

Easy Content Modelling
Quickly and easily define your content model using our drag and drop interface with input types for all your content needs.

Cloud Based
Your content is hosted in the cloud and accessible from anywhere. We’ll take care of the infrastructure while you’re free to concentrate on your content.

Media Management
Media files that are uploaded will be served from our lightning fast CDN. We'll even extract useful metadata about your media and deliver it with your content.

Content Versioning
We keep track of every change you make to a content entry so you can easily revert to an earlier version at any time.


Developers are no longer restricted by their CMS, they are free to use whatever tools make sense for their projects. Our code libraries make it even easier to get started using Elemeno in many of today's most popular programming languages.




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