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E-MAILiT is an innovative social sharing platform which smartly combines a mixture of share buttons, media solutions, and analytics. It offers unique tools to web publishers (news websites, blogs, publishing brands), and helps them to get the most of their website (both desktop and mobile). Publishers all around the world use E-MAILiT’s highly customizable social sharing tools to boost their traffic, increase their audience engagement, promote their content, and generate revenue.
E-MAILiT started as a nights and weekends side project by graphic designer Nikitas Georgopoulos and his team, and quickly grew to a hyper-growth bootstrapped start-up. Up until now, it counts 1.6 billion share buttons served to-date and 20 million people per month who interact in 240 countries worldwide. Over 250,000 web publishers have trusted E-MAILiT share buttons, in any website (custom coded built, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal). E-MAILiT stands out because of its core values and the most important value is to be unique through creativity and innovation.
Publishers choose E-MAILiT because it is easy to install and offers in-depth customization to satisfy all styles. Publishers praise the smart and fast customer support in their reviews, and constantly provide positive feedback regarding the absence of bugs. Additionally, the majority of our publishers are enjoying the fact that E-MAILiT is free. Some of the most popular unique tools that E-MAILiT features is the Add Your Logo and After Share Promo. The Add Your Logo feature enables the publisher to present his logo on the widget share menu, and the After Share Promo feature generates revenue and creates new promotion horizons for the publisher. E-MAILiT has also the fastest loading time among its peers. For detailed peer analysis, please check the chart: https://www.e-mailit.com/def_net_ad/vs/competition
E-MAILiT is changing the way content is shared across the open web, making the world more connected. Build killer share buttons without coding. No other social sharing platform can compete this! Try E-MAILiT at http://www.e-mailit.com






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