Dynamic Blending A private label cosmetics manufacturer in Utah

Dynamic Blending

A private label cosmetics manufacturer in Utah...

Dynamic Blending is causing a stir in cosmetics manufacturing. The contract manufacturer breaks free of minimum order quantities and sky-high fees for pharmaceutical-grade cosmetics with an innovative vertical process for bringing customers’ products to market. Offering a turnkey private label cosmetic service, they significantly simplify the R&D, branding, manufacturing, and fulfillment of new products by providing all services by in-house experts. Their team of cosmetic chemists can formulate hundreds of different product types. This means all customers can save time and money launching new high-end cosmetics, whether it’s one of their Fortune 500 clients or an aspiring small business owner. Their cGMP-certified lab specializes in providing natural and organic ingredients, ahead of the curve from other manufacturers that focus more on standard products. This year, Dynamic Blending ranked #17 on the Inc. 500 list for the entire nation and #1 for Utah. It’s clear their combined 30 years of experience and innovative business model has caught the attention of big players — and new upstarts — in the cosmetics industry.

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