A complete website in a box. Discover a modern way to buy, sell & barter!

A complete website in a box. Discover a modern way to buy, sell & barter!...

Startup from United Kingdom

A Dobox is a complete website in a box… in fact it’s even better!
Let’s break that down shall we…
People have short attention spans, and they are getting shorter. With Dobox, you get to present one cohesive proposition at a time, in the form of an attention grabbing message or visual on both desktop & mobile. 
What’s more…
- You can attach pictures/videos/maps to a Dobox - Add rich textual details to provide context  - There is a real-time one-on-one chat with file/location sharing as well as the ability to ask for one-time & recurring payments (powered by Stripe)- You get to see social proof and ratings of people you are dealing with- Also your Dobox can be embedded and shared anywhere in any form by anyone 
There are numerous other carefully & meticulously crafted features, but for now let’s talk about who this is for and how it can be used.
“All kinds of service providers” – You could be a designer or a plumber or even someone who does party decorations, you NEED a Dobox! Shared online or printed as a QR Code on your business card, you absolutely should make one… right now.
Why? Imagine that you make a Dobox about the great service you provide or an offer you have running. Someone visits your Dobox through our platform or through some social media channel. They need what you are offering, so they ask you a question, you get the notification in real-time and respond back… Game on! You want $300 for the service, but this customer asks for a first-time discount, you think why not, at the click of a button you send them a payment link right in the chat area. They pay up, you deliver. Brilliant, but there’s more, this visitor turned customer wants you for a weekly retainer, again click a button and you setup a recurring payment charge right through the chat!
Do you see the possibilities? A Dobox is so extremely flexible that besides the product or service that you are offering, once someone is engaged with your Dobox, you can discuss, negotiate, and agree on any kind of work.
Do this with another 100 clients, and you have your entire business running on one single Dobox.
“Digital or physical products” – All of the above applies, and if you have a strict pricing policy, you can set up your Dobox so only people that pay upfront can interact with you.
You can also broadcast messages and updates to everyone who has ever interacted with you. All of this without any downloads or app installs, all you and your users need is just a browser and an Internet connection.
“Bloggers” – Here is a twist, all of the above need not even take place on our platform! You can embed a Dobox in any kind of blog, website, or forum that allows the use of iframes. So for that training you are running, eBooks, or event tickets that you need to sell… manage all of that right through your own blog or website.
“Monetize UGC” - User-generated content (UGC) refers to any digital content that is produced and shared by end users of an online service or website. So that picture on Instagram, the artwork you submitted on deviantArt two years ago, or the repo you have on GitHub etc. can all be directly or indirectly monetized by simply adding a link to your Dobox in the description. You don’t even need to have a website, people that click on the link will come to the beautiful user page that you can customize.
 “Students” – which is code for ‘young people that don’t have a lot of disposable income’. Money is not the only means of transaction on Dobox, you can just as easily barter, swap, and exchange things however you like. If you are not sure, we even have an option for that too.
So may be for that book you are looking for you end up trading an old comic book plus five dollars, which is a pretty legitimate use case in the world of Doboxes.
So come and discover a new kind of empowerment and a world of opportunities with the greatest of ease!






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