First hotel meta-search engine focused on hotel coupons and direct booking


First hotel meta-search engine focused on hotel coupons and direct booking...




The brand-new hotel search engine focusing on direct bookings and hotel coupons is officially launched. is offering a possibility to get promo codes that are lowering the price on official hotels’ sites. It’s also displaying benefits that hotels are offering for direct reservation in comparison with the best prices offered by bookings sites. Customers may confront those two ways of booking and choose the most profitable option.

The easiest way to avoid using online travel agencies is to simply start booking directly with hotels. Hotel, through, can issue discount codes to use on their website and list what they offer as a bonus (e.g. free breakfast or better cancellation policy) if only tourist would contact them personally. This is why was founded - to gather all the possible benefits for booking directly from hotels but also to compare the prices with the most popular booking sites.


Web application but working on the mobile app.

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