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Deepblu is a team of enthusiastic divers with a tech background, strive to bring divers together via a new and intuitive app. Deepblu offers the best dive computer, COSMIQ+ with an app that has dive log cloud syncing as well as social sharing features. Deepblu is now offering dive trip booking, a marketplace where dive businesses can list their services on the platform, and divers can chat directly with dive shop owners, making for a personal experience.


Since 2015, Deepblu has been working to make diving something that more people can explore. The company was initially founded to provide diving resources, like a Bluetooth-enabled dive computer and a platform that allows users to share their dive logs and diving experiences. This platform now boasts more than 40,000 members, and some 300,000 dive logs (biggest database in the world) have been recorded using Deeblu’s COSMIQ dive computer as well as from leading dive computer brands such as Shearwater, ScubaPro and TUSA which all recognize Deepblu as the defacto online diving community and have integrated their devices to work with Deepblu.On Mar 20th, Deepblu launched a new booking feature, Planet Deepblu,which allows users to chat and arrange dive trip directly on the platform. Deepblu position ourselves as "Airbnb for Diving", a marketplace where dive businesses can list their services on the platform and users can find their next dive vacation.

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