Dealintent Identify & convert high intent deals


Identify & convert high intent deals...

Dealintent is a SaaS product for b2b sales teams. With Dealintent sales teams and buyers get the following benefits

Benefits for sales teams

1. Sales teams can sync their existing CRM deals in Dealintent.
2. They can use AI-based personality insights to discover buyer personality and send the right type of content to them.
3. They can share sales-related content with buyers in an easy-to-access digital sales room instead of over messy email links and attachments.
4. They can share hyper-personalized and branded content in minutes using built-in templates.
5. They can view whether the recipients are viewing the content to identify the engaged deals and the non-engaged ones.
6. Sales teams can prioritize their time and effort on the top engaged deals instead of wasting their time on cold unengaged deals.
7. Sales teams can improve the accuracy of their sales forecast by knowing their top engaged deals.
8. Sales teams can focus their follow-up on the highly engaged deals and discover hidden high-potential deals based on their engagement level.
9. Sales teams can set up a mutual action plan with the buyer to achieve common goals

Benefits for Buyers

1. Buyers get to access all purchase-related information in one link instead of over separate email threads and attachments.
2. They can add other stakeholders in their team to the digital sales room for easy collaboration and decision-making.
3. They can collaborate on a mutual action plan with the seller and avoid frustration.
4. They can save all the seller-shared proposals in their own workspace for easy access.
5. They can easily access the seller for a chat, call, or meeting thru the digital sales room whenever they need to.


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