Dashly Get More Sales From Your Website Traffic


Get More Sales From Your Website Traffic...

Dashly is a business live chat platform. It engages your website visitors into a conversation with you so that your agents can provide excellent consultations and support. Put it on another level with call scheduling and video calls. With proactive messaging, a bot, and pop-up windows you can generate more leads and qualify them. The leads are collected in eCRM and segmented - that's how you start email marketing. Manage both manual and triggered communication - these are available with live chat messages, pop-up windows and emails.

A script is installed on client’s site. This script asynchronously downloads api.min.js (a dom file). External logic is implemented in this file. When the script is installed on the site, a chat appears and the service starts collecting data about visitors. Based on this data, you can send various messages (chat, pop-ups and emails) to the site’s visitors. There’s two major types of collected data:

  • User properties 
  • User events

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