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Personalized & relevant communication with your customersCustomerVox is a personalization engine for Shopify stores. We help craft and automate customer communication (popups, emails, and landing pages) with the goal to increase revenue for your online store. The best part is you don't need to be a designer or a coder to create your customer interactions.We focus on understanding customers through a process we call a holistic customer experience or journey. Customer journey covers interacting and learning about a customer through their shopping experience and we cover the customer journey in full. So how do we enhance the shopping experience for your customers?


  • Customer data management - by grouping your contacts with fields, personas, and customer lifetime segments you can send highly targeted content based on their interests. And you can keep track of how those contacts interact with your content as we track and store all customer interaction events. This will help you understand how to continue creating relevant and value-added content for your customers.
  • Integrations We’ve built a powerful Shopify integration where we import your customers, products and order history so they are automatically there.
  • Analytics We gather, categorize and sort your data from Shopify. By using advanced machine learning algorithms we provide out of the box metrics related to eCommerce.
Interact with your customers
  • Email marketing Use CustomerVox to take full advantage of your emails. We’ve made it easy to create and design emails right inside of CustomerVox. Personalize your email content for each customer with the goal to sell as much as possible.
  • Popups Setup popups in order to drive more leads and aid the conversion process
  • Landing pages create stunning designs that convert in a superior way.
  • Drag&drop builder that is incredibly easy to use so you can design popups, landing pages and emails,
  • Automations - use a visual builder to automate workflows which involve emails, popups and/or landing pages based on triggering events and
  • Personalization, upsell/cross-sell products or related products that can be inserted as part of your communication to make the customer interactions truly relevant and value-adding.

CustomerVox replaces multiple tools and because it does - we enable personalized interactions that help create superior customer engagement and increases customer loyalty which benefits sales, communications, and the overall shopping experience for your customers.


React/redux on frontent and GOlang on backend all hosted on AWS.




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