Copyleaks Plagiarism Detection Platform Powered by Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning



Plagiarism Detection Platform Powered by Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning...

United States of America


Detect plagiarism and paraphrased content using advanced AI technology. Confirm originality with sophisticated algorithms that scan and track textual content in every language. Using Copyleaks is the best way to make sure your online content is protected.


Fast. Accurate. Automated. Our technology is capable of digging deep in the web and various databases to find similar content, present only relevant results, and help you stay protected against plagiarism in high volumes. All of this in the way that suits you and your needs, with military-grade 256-bit encryption, ease of cloud computing, and choice of sharing the results with who and how you choose! 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology to detect Similar and Non Verbatim Text
Our software is powered with advanced AI and Machine Learning technology that detects different similarity types including identical, similar and paraphrased text. 

Multi-Layered and In-Depth Search Technology
Nothing is left out. We scan documents against each other, previously submitted documents, billions and trillions of online sources and licensed private databases.

Multi-Language Capability
Scan texts in English, Spanish, French, German, Hindi and 100+ other languages. Using Copyleaks, you can detect plagiarism and similar text in almost any language!

Duplicate file finder tool
Compare your internal documents against each other from within your internal network or private directories in a safe and secure environment that does not expose your content to anyone else.

Platform Integrations and Open API
Google Docs, MS Word, Moodle; we are already integrated with these and many of your favorite platforms and Learning Management Systems. Have your custom product? Integrate with our open API.

Customized and Tailor-made solutions
Yes, we can provide product solutions and pricing that are customized to your needs. We can work with you to provide you with a tool that fits your needs and budget.

Multiple File Types
Upload numerous different file formats such as PDF, DOC, DOCX, HTML, and many more to scan your text easily.

Cloud computing and storage
All your data is safely stored in our cloud, allowing you to hassle-free access it when, where, and how you want. Conveniently let your huge data files process in the background while you spend your time elsewhere.

Security and Data Safety
Your data’s security and safety is of prime importance to us while preventing any infringement from occurring in the future. Only you have access to what and how you do within your account, and with who do you choose to share your access with. We use military-grade 256-bit encryption to ensure that your data is safe and secure.

Clear and Comprehensive Report
We break it down for you. All of the results, similarity matches, statistics, copied sources, original text and much more in one easy-to-read and easily-understandable report.

Download & Share Reports
Easily download and share scan results in a format that suits your needs. Download and save text comparison and scan results as a PDF or choose the URL method to give direct access to your scan result(s) to anybody!

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