Concurra All-in-One Website Optimization


All-in-One Website Optimization...

Some of our favorite Concurra features:

  • All in one platform. One tool for heatmaps, clickmaps, scrollmaps, hovermaps, livemaps, split tests, record & replay sessions, visitor analytics, goal and funnel tracking, and more.
  • Powerful integrated A/B and multivariate testing capabilities are directly integrated in Concurra’s other features.
  • Proprietary LiveMaps show you what your visitors are doing in your drop down menus, sliders, carousels and other dynamic elements.
  • Incredible live session record and replay. See where they click, when they highlight text, what fields they type in, and more.
  • Granular filtering and segmentation that applies to everything - including maps and performance results. See how your experiments work on New Visitors only.

Best of all, Concurra is designed to work with modern websites, including responsive design.

We have built a next generation, all-in-one website optimization platform. In short: we’ve built a better heat map, one that works on modern websites with drop down menus and sliders, then we integrated powerful A/B testing, user sessions recording, complex goal tracking, and more, all in one tool.

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