Coinsflare Cryptocurrency Listings monitoring and Analysis


Cryptocurrency Listings monitoring and Analysis...

Coinsflare is an online crypto platform designed to allow investors to see at a glance, exactly what is happening within the various cryptocurrency markets.It actively monitors a wide range of exchanges and tracks the movement of cryptocurrencies and pairs listings as they happen.

At Coinsflare we monitor a wide range of exchanges for new cryptocurrency listing and new market pairs listings. We aggregate all those market events on our free web portal (
Whenever a new cryptocurrency or asset pair is listed, we start monitoring those pairs for a specific time window ( currently limited to 8 hours ).     Whenever a new cryptocurrency gets listed and depending on liquidity availability, you will be able to closely see price spikes, on both up and down trends, for any given asset.Also, while monitoring, we also track for simple arbitrage opportunities across the currently supported exchanges. 
Our servers started monitoring a wide range of exchanges since 2018 so we can now share with you all some interesting historical content.

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