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Coin Stats

Cryptocurrency research and portfolio tracker ...

Coin Stats is a cryptocurrency research and portfolio tracker application. It runs from a mobile device, but is also available for Web and MacOSX platforms. The app allows users to manage their cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and over 3000 alt-coins within the app. The app allows to visit coins' social pages and websites to make research based investment decisions. Coin Stats also has a feature to set price, limit, volume and market cap alerts to currencies, read the related news from over 40 sources.  On top of that users can add their cryptocurrency trades into Coin Stats for tracking their net worth and profit/loss, including by connecting wallets and exchange accounts for auto-sync. It also allows users to compare their portfolios with friends and track their gains over time by means of portfolio sharing functionality. In the Telegram channel of Coin Stats there is a possibility to set up Telegram bots to get latest prices and charts of coins. 

Coin Stats was founded in summer 2017 and represents the cryptocurrency research and tracker app Coin Stats. The first version of the app was released on App Store in Summer 2017, and today more than 500,000 active users are managing their crypto holdings by means of Coin Stats. Currently, over $3.5 Billion in Ethereum is being tracked by Coin Stats users in the app via synced wallets (much more added manually). Coin Stats users own almost 10% of all Ethereum in existence.

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