CloudyCosts CloudyCosts is a cloud computing cost analysis and monitoring service


CloudyCosts is a cloud computing cost analysis and monitoring service...

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CloudyCosts is a cloud computing cost analysis and monitoring service. Using CloudyCosts, you can save significant amounts of money on computing costs for your company. With server instance scheduling including RDS and Redshift, storage size monitoring, server instance monitoring CloudyCosts can save you money today and in the long run.  

Stop worrying about that all too often budget, please explain at the end of the year on computing costs. Keep everyone informed with CloudyCosts daily and monthly costs emails, as well as an intelligent alerting engine that will raise the red flags when costs are increasing.

CloudyCosts was written by people who have been through the corporate roller coaster. From startup to large enterprise, some of us more than once. This experience led us to question what the service that we most needed during those times is. The answer was Engineering Cost Control. Hence the idea of CloudyCosts was born. To make a product that we needed during the turbulent times of company acquisition and mergers.

Take the time and check out CloudyCosts, with a no-obligation 14-day free trial, you can see for yourself how it can save your company money and give you some relief from corporate headaches.


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