CleverControl CleverControl system is an easy-to-use free remote employee monitoring software for business


CleverControl system is an easy-to-use free remote employee monitoring software for business...

Startup from United States of America

With CleverControl you will be able to track every action of your staff members on their computers. This software gives you the ability to remotely control your employees without the need of accessing their workstations. Instead you can just create an online account and see what everybody is doing live sitting in your office next door or thousands miles away. And you can see everything: idle Internet usage, chatting in IMs, social networking. Not only that but CleverControl Agent records all computer activity as well, like opened applications, external devices such as USBs and printers usage and even duration of work time. So you will always be aware of idlers and even have the ability to boost their productivity by blocking unimportant time-consuming web-sites with the help of CleverControl Agent. Anybody can use CleverControl system as it requires no specialized IT skills or equipment. And all data in your account is shown in the shape of simple analytics graphs. All it takes a couple of minutes to install and configure the program on a computer. And after you can sit back and enjoy your new abilities to boost your employees’ productivity provided by that powerful business tool that is CleverControl.


Advanced CleverControl system is a non-complicated but very efficient software that lets you know what your employees do at all times. Absolutely any activity (and inactivity) will be recorded starting with simple apps activity, USB and printer usage and ending with Internet access and web-surfing. Every time your staff member goes to a social network or chat, every search enquiry, every website visited, every key pressed - you will know about it. 



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