Chosify The best choice, to make a choice


The best choice, to make a choice...

At Chosify, we help e-commerce brands achieve the best customer experience. We help them solve the difficult decisions their customers face when they have to choose out of a bunch of similar products. Chosify connects questions to products with a guided selling solution and gives the best recommendations based on answers and customer needs in a well-designed customer journey.

Chosify is an easy SAAS solution that marketing teams can use to make the choice for difficult products easier. We achieved more than 30% conversion growth after implementing our flows on multiple webshops. With our tool, we make the life of consumers easier and relieve them about the choices they need to make, and also make difficult choices less time-consuming. 

Chosify is a Netherlands-based startup founded at the start of 2022. We aim to become the world's leading machine-learning-based choice-making algorithm in the near future.

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Startup from Netherlands (Holland, Europe)


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