chango Unchain money transfers with family and friends



Unchain money transfers with family and friends...



chango is a P2P app for payments in cryptocurrencies between family, friends and coworkers. Users can easily connect with each other and send or request money in just a few clicks. All payments are securely processed on the blockchain.


- EASY SETUP: Get started in a minute and use your cryptocurrencies to pay family and friends.- INSTANT: All transfers are instantly processed on the blockchain. No need to wait for hours until the money arrives.- SECURE: All your personal data is stored on the app. Transactions are securely processed on the blockchain. You don't have to trust any banks or institutions. - GLOBAL: Borderless payments across the whole world. No extra fees or limitations - DECENTRALIZED: All requests and transfers are registered and processed using the blockchain. There's no need for a middle man (bank) to verify your transactions.- CONNECT: Have all your family and friends in your address book. No need to scan or type any public blockchain addresses.- NO EXTRA FEES: You can use chango for free.


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