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Advertising platform with cashback potential....

Czech Republic


It is not easy to start in today's world, where fair and honest behavior has almost zero value. We have decided that we will start also from ZERO and will not do some nowadays popular ICO to collect money only and later will say, SORRY we were wrong.
We do not need for our vision millions of dollars, all we need is to connect fair and honest people, people which believe that if we will be able to act all together we will be able to achieve whatever we will want.

As we are starting from real zero, we have decided that we will start as an advertising platform (official start is expected by the end of Q1 2018), where we will be able to recognize if we will be able to collaborate on our main beRewarded vision in the future.

In this project, we will be sharing all profit from advertising, this will be given to them who will be active (you will be receiving 100% of your referrals deposits).

This whole project is all about some work, you will not get here anything for free, you will be able to earn some cash even, but only when you will be active and if you will share our collective idea further.

Our main vision is and always will be a beRewarded model, which can be described as a new worldwide social-economical standard. This should be more like your personal social index, where others will be able to find out how you are behaving in today's world and if you are somehow helpful for a society. beRewarded should become new kind of currency, where you will know how and from where it was earned. It can be called as a sort of ethical money.

beRewarded will be run as a non-profit model from creators, so it will never be possible to buy this currency from our side. You will only be able to earn it in places, which will be very carefully selected. This will be primary places, projects or individuals where you will be absolutely sure, that they are helpful to today's society.

This is only our starting vision, but this should not be only OUR vision, over time we will implement some votings mechanism and this will become only YOUR project and our collective vision.

We believe that we will all beRewarded


The most powerful computer in the history - HUMAN BRAIN
If we will be able to connect these supercomputers, there is nothing that can stop us. 

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