Enjoy the trip, drop your bags

Enjoy the trip, drop your bags...

Evolving Airline Passenger Experience Traveling is something that we’ve done since the very beginning of time, but it was only just over a century ago, in 1903, when the Wright Brothers flew a distance of 8 miles in North Carolina.Two pioneers proved to the world that flying was an achievable dream.Since then, the aviation industry has evolved very fast. Airports, however, have remained stagnant. Over the years one of the main challenges they have faced in their pursuit of an easy streamlined business model is baggage handling.When considering current airport capacity in addition to the projected growth in passenger traffic the problem is two-fold.Global passenger traffic is expected to double by 2036 and the most common reason for airport bottlenecks and delays are capacity issues in their baggage halls.And this doesn’t only create a stressful, frustrating experience for passengers, but it also costs airports and airlines dearly.Our mission at is to reunite great minds with different backgrounds around a topic that obsesses us, improving passengers’ experience.And in the wake of our customer centered solution we are solving an incipient capacity issue at airports.Now, momentum is building for alternatives to the airport counter, at we are devoted to creating a tech-enabled service where passengers can check-in their luggage from their doorstep.As alternative methods to traditional check-in become mainstream, all signs seem to point that passenger’s desire for convenience and airports’ need for extra capacity could eventually do away with the standard.

We are working on integrations with all the internal systems of our partners (Iberia, Iberia Express, Lufthansa, AirFrance, KLM, ...) Our systems are based in React, front in Wordpress but we're developing solutions right now.

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