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biffle is a new kind of consumer-friendly eCommerce Marketplace with all the purchasing assurances found in the securities and commodities markets - assurances of best price and transaction security.

biffle has a business model that will disrupt eCommerce by establishing a “Stock Market” with spot-market pricing for new name-brand consumer products using a reverse auction where the ceiling price is set at the lowest price currently available online and where vendors compete anonymously to fulfill the next purchaseorder. 

biffle, acting as their purchasing agent, actually “buys it for them” by executing the purchase order directly with the vendor and then directs the vendor to ship it directly to the consumer at the guaranteed best price available online, something search engines never do. This is a major advance because, with search engines, consumers usually end up buying at a higher price, from a recognized vendor submitting to a well known pricing strategy used by big brand retailers.

At biffle, consumers get to see a 30 Day Pricing Chart showing Amazon’s price every day for the last 30 days and also the biffle Marketplace Price (the best price currently available from all vendors online) which, for expensive items, is often several hundred dollars less than Amazon.


  • biffle has a patent combining a reverse auction model and a buyer's agency model.

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