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Bekchy works in front of all web application servers from small, medium and big-sized businesses to universities and government agencies. Bekchy, which has started being used by finance, health, education, tourism and  media sectors, provides basic and advanced protection for internet portals, CRM, B2B, e-commerce websites and all web applications. “Bekchy engine”, developed by Bekchy software team, can detect zero-day attacks through advanced algorithms. It can block Layer 7 attacks by operating basic, advanced and customizable rule sets. Bekchy provides protection against SQL Injection, XSS, CSRF, RCE, RFI/LFI and other vulnerabilities specified by OWASP Top 10. It meets the requirement of PCI DSS on the top level Level 1 for the web applications that their payment done. It is compatible with Microsoft IIS, Nginx, Apache, Litespeed, IBM HTTP Server, Oracle HTTP Server, Apache Tomcat, Lighttpd, Haproxy and all web application servers as well as all software languages like PHP, .net, Java, Ruby and Python. It catches and reports malicious code when Bekchy used in front of the Malware injected web application. It constantly checks and reports the IP addresses of web applications on the Blacklist database. Bekchy provides service as a SaaS (Software as a Service) and cloud-based with monthly-annual and different payment plans. The plan which meets the need can be picked among Basic, Pro and Business plans. The Enterprise plan is preferred for banking, public institutions, large enterprises and comprehensive projects. Business and Enterprise plan has “Ddos Mitigation” and “Cache” feature. In addition to other features, Enterprise plan has Load Balancing and advanced network features. Bekchy dashboard allows of receiving instant report and managing multiple websites through one dashboard. Reports can be received via SMS, Email, and Slack by means of instant and day-end report feature.


Bekchy is a Cloud Web Application Firewall and DDoS mitigation solution for websites and web applications. Also, Bekchy has many features more than its competitors such as DNS and SSL management, performance optimization and load balancing.

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