Beamium The easiest way to share and present documents live on the web.


The easiest way to share and present documents live on the web....


Beamium is a German start-up focused in live presentations. Our misison is to make online presentations in real time as simple and effective as possible. That why we develope our web-based solution, a simple tool that allows you to share and present documents live in real time. Either a speech at an event, a university lecture, discussing documents on a meeting or a teleconference, live presentations should be simple and straightforward. 


Beamium is a web-based solution where users can easily present documents live. They just need to drag and drop their files or simply upload them with a click and these will be shared within seconds. Their viewers can follow the presentations live thanks to an 8-character code or a link shared by the presenter. If the presenter allows it, viewers can download the documents afterwards. Different tools such as a laser pointer and zoom in options enhance the user experience. Furthermore, users have the option to create an account with their email in order to save their presentations in Beamium and present them from anywhere, with any device (yes, even a smartphone). It is a simple, lightweight and cross-platform solution to share information in real time without complications.



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