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Credit card issuers and associations such as American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa have designed some amazing benefits and rewards for their customers’ convenience.  However, discovering these benefits, tracking individual purchases against them and understanding the complex redemption rules is very confusing and time consuming.  If consumers can maximize their card benefits and rewards as they are designed, they can save thousands of dollars a year. Bank Yogi uses its algorithms to help consumers discover, track and redeem their card benefits and rewards.  Bank Yogi is the first service to support card benefits for cards from more than 650 banks and credit unions across US and Canada.  We are also the first company to support both online and offline purchases without requiring access to personal email account or credit card number.    Bank Yogi is also the first card benefits processor to launch text and voice chat bots, and skills on all major platforms including Amazon Alexa, Bing, Facebook, Google Assistant / Allo  / Home, Skype and Telegram.  Our skills on Cortana and other platforms are in private beta testing.


Android, iOS, Chatbots on Alexa, Bing, Facebook, Google Assistant, Home, Skype and Telegram.

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