Badger Maps The Best Solution for Mobile Outside Sales Teams

Badger Maps

The Best Solution for Mobile Outside Sales Teams...

Startup from United States of America

Badger is a software company focused on providing the tools and applications for sales reps to be more efficient and effective in the field. Badger enables the sales team to manage their territory by combining Google Maps, data from the CRM, schedule planning, route optimization, and lead generation on the sales person’s mobile device. Badger offers the best software mapping solution to map customer accounts and sales routes.


Badger Maps does a ton of the busy work for the reps.The  route optimizer easily finds the shortest driving directions possible to get more meetings and sales. Reps using Badger have reduced driving time by 20% and increased their productivity by 25%.
Badger further simplifies sales navigation by helping reps analyze and visualize their customer data on a map. Reps can view their customers in color or filter them by various fields. This allows reps to maximize revenue in their territory by having a better strategy to manage their customer relationships.
In addition to customer mapping, Badger also finds new leads and prospective customers in your territory and helps hunt new leads down by location. Badger populates the map with leads from a specific industry near your daily route. Any cancelled meetings can instantly become an opportunity to act on a new lead.
Many organizations struggle to get the CRM adoption they need in order to have an accurate view of their revenue stream. Outside sales reps tend to update their CRMs less frequently than their in-office counterparts due to the fact that they are constantly on the move. CRM integration with Badger creates an easy way for the CRM to be updated in the field and for CRM information to be visualized on a map.A Fortune 500 company that uses Badger for its sales team got a 30% rise in CRM adoption after Badger was connected to their CRM.




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