Backend Generator by Duomly Get your backend done in minutes without the team of developers

Backend Generator by Duomly

Get your backend done in minutes without the team of developers...

Startup from Czech Republic

When you’d like to speed up building an application for your clients or have an idea for a great startup, hiring a team of developers and spending few months on developing the MVP seems too expensive and time-consuming, Duomly Backend Generator is the right solution for you.

Duomly Backend Generator is an innovative software that can help freelancers, software houses, and startups build backend with REST API in minutes without the whole team of developers. As a result, you’ll get a fully functional, ready code, connected with the database, ready to deploy to the server. 

To make it even easier, the application provides predefined login and registration functionality. Besides that, there’s a ready authentication, so if you want the endpoint to be secure, it’s enough to select one more option. After you’re done with setting the application, you can generate the code with one button, and you’ll get the email with ready to download Node.js application.

The main idea behind the Duomly Backend Generator is to reduce the amount of repeatable work, time, and cost of building backend with REST Api by simplifying the whole development process to a few clicks and taking it from the code editor to user-friendly UI, where you don’t need to be super senior software engineer to generate backend for the next application.


Python, AI, Node.JS, Typescript, PostgreSQL, Cloud computing




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