Autoklose Automate and streamline the sales process without any hassle


Automate and streamline the sales process without any hassle ...

Startup from Canada

Autoklose is a well-rounded sales automation platform. It features automated lead generation software that enables you to generate new prospects by selecting search criteria and configuring various customer profiles. Email drip campaign management tools with CRM integration allow you to schedule segmented email campaigns and reach your targeted audience.
Autoklose is the only tool that allows you to automatically schedule appointments with targeted leads from A to Z. Wake up to a fully booked meeting calendar and start growing your business now. Gain access to a comprehensive, searchable database packed with carefully verified B2B leads and reach decision-makers directly. Segment your lists according to different niches, geographic locations, demographics, or any other preference and hit the bull’s-eye with your target audience. 
·         Automate tedious, time-consuming tasks that have to be done;
·         Generate qualified leads directly from a huge B2B database;
·         Launch scheduled email drip campaigns to engage your leads and keep in touch with them;
·         Shorten your sales cycle and increase the size of your deals;
·         Reach the right audience by segmenting your email campaigns;
·         Forecast and plan your sales with the help of our top-notch analytics tools and detailed reports.  


Autoklose is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, and it features Salesforce integration, as well as lead generation software. 




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