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Startup from United States of America

 Atom through the use of it's unique adaptive meditation sessions and anchor habits makes meditation easy and systematic.

When you're planning to start meditating, you're in a totally different head space. You're probably relaxed, rested, and maybe visualizing yourself meditating and feeling calm and peaceful. But when it comes to acting on those decisions, the motivation to sleep more overpowers everything.   Often, we do not realise that it's not us to blame but simply the lack of systems that we need to use to help us build mindfulness into a practice. That's where Atom helps you with it's unique approach to the problem.   Most of the apps would simply send the user notifications reminding him to meditate. These are way to easy to ignore. Studies has shown that there is greater chance of a person actually doing things regularly, if it is attached to a pre-existing habit and that's what Atom does.This app uses a trigger habit (which could be anything, from brushing your  teeth to using the bathroom) and tries to attach the habit of meditation to it. So, once you have set the time and the habit, Atom will remind you to meditate after you have performed the trigger habit. And it doesn’t end at that. It makes sure that you are motivated through short interesting articles. And if you fail to maintain the habit, it reduces the duration of the session as well making things easy for you.

You can download the app using this link:


An Android app that through its algorithm creates adaptive meditation session and through the use of anchor habits as prompts, makes habit formation easy.




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