ApiFlash Powerful screenshot API based on AWS Lambda.



Powerful screenshot API based on AWS Lambda....



ApiFlash is fully featured screenshot API that allows modern companies to enhance their product with URL to image conversion capabilities. This website screenshot API can be consumed using any programming language provided the developer got an access key by signing up on our website. The main API endpoint to capture screenshots can accepts many parameters. For example to capture full page screenshots, control the viewport, add capture timing, inject css, ... 


ApiFlash is built on top of AWS Lambda stability, scalability and cost effectiveness. As our infrastructure is serveless, many concurrent screenshots can be captured at the same time. The underlying rendering engine uses Chromium to capture screenshots. As a result all screenshots are pixel perfect and entirely respect modern web standards such as flexbox, web fonts, scaling attributes, etc. We do also offer javascript injection on demand for clients that has such a need. One of our unique features is also IP geolocated screenshots. Indeed, some websites do geolocate the user based on IP and capturing screenshots through proxies can be crucial to the success of your project.

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